Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Chanel Iman Covers Page Six Magazine

Tyra Bank

Meet protge Chanel Iman.Shes of Tyra Bank and favorite designer John Galliano and Alexander McQueen and shes determined to shake things up with his lively personality, tattoos and cheeky modern attitude toward race.

Rhona Mitra Replaces Kate Beckinsale For Underworld

Rhona Mitra

The fanbase is enormous, the actor says on the line taken from her LA home. Fortunately, we know so that prequel in a completely different time and we know in a completely different character. At least I Do not try to fill his shoes, says. A lot of people seem to be very invested in it and some people feel entitled to ownership on characters. RHONA Mitra, which has replaced the lead female vampire Kate Beckinsale in the last Underworld movie, said it was surprised by what the fans are angry. We made an agreement Comic By summer, more than 6,000 people turned up the session of Q A - which is more than that I have had in any previous year. In view of this devotion, it must have a certain amount of trepidation taking over from Beckinsale.

Kenny Chesney Tour To Hit 12 Stadiums This Summer

Kenny Chesney

Kenny Chesney Sun City Carnival tour schedule includes 12 stops stage this year. August 15th show in Boston, Gillette Stadium is already sold out, but fans in cities like Dallas, Louisville, Pittsburgh, Chicago, Salt Lake City and Seattle again have the opportunity to get more fun..

Britney Quot Newest Single Stirs Up Radio Controversy

Britney Spear

Britney Spear has wiggled its way into some of the controversy aroused by the text found deep inside If you are looking for Amy, the third single from his return attack Circus. The chorus goes like this: All boys and girls are starting a, if you try to Amy. Doesn t seem so bad, right? Read it aloud, slowly. Sorry, did it again. ... No, slower..

Whereabouts Denise Richards And Ewan Mcgregor

Denise Richard

Denise Richard obtained from Conair primped before a bash for her and Jamie Kennedy Finding Bliss, hosted by the Hard Rock Hotel Las Vegas in Park City Hollywood Life House.